Phoenix, Arizona

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The metropolitan area of Phoenix and the surrounding northern towns are currently united into an Imperial Domain that consists of the two halves of the Valley of the Sun (i.e. the Eastern and Western halves of the Greater Phoenix Metro area) and Sedona (and thus effectively all points north of Phoenix excepting Flagstaff.)

Sedona is the most favorable to the Acolytes as it has traditionally been the sole property of the Acolytes and has been governed as a retreat/safe haven for them. However, due to the investment the Covenant has in the city, those who break the masquerade or otherwise grossly disrupt the tranquility of Sedona and the surrounding area are advised to pass on through.

The Eastern Valley is also very favorable to the Acolytes who stand just behind the Invictus as the most powerful and influential covenant. The history of neutrality by the Acolytes within the Eastern court means as long as an Acolyte isn't a violation of the Masquerade, does not publically perform Cruac rituals, or otherwise draw unfavorable attention to themselves they are more than welcome.

The Western Valley is currently neutral towards the Acolytes. They have had issues with foolish Acolytes in the past, do not look favorably upon public practicing of Cruac, and a small faction is less than thrilled with being under the Praxis of an Acolyte and so may socially take it out on visiting Acolytes.

Court and Residents

Imperial Prince: Julia Kincaid

Seneschal: None. Instead of a Seneschal the Imperial Prince rules the Eastern Valley and Sedona directly but allows the Western Valley some autonomy under the 'prince-regent' Father Gabriel, a Nosferatu of the Lancea Sanctum.

Sheriff: Johnny Walker (Gangrel, Invictus)

Harpy: Starley Castille (Daeva (Toreador), Ordo Dracul)

East Valley Council: Dr. Roger Marino (Circle of the Crone), Starley Castille (Ordo Dracul), Daniel (Lancea Sanctum), Alexander Thibadeux (Carthian), and Dr. Issac Gomorrah (Invictus)

Hierophant: Julia Kincaid (It should be noted that the position of Hierophant is common public knowledge within the Imperial Domain, a holdover from their previous stance as open and neutral.)

Notable Residents: Julia Kincaid (Daeva, Circle of the Crone x4), Dr. Issac Gomorrah (Daeva (Toreador), Invictus x4), Johnny Walker (Gangrel, Invictus x 4), Arturo Gonzales de Mendoza(Ventrue, Invictus x4), Alexander Thibedeaux (Mekhet, Member of the Carthian Foundation, Carthian x4), Sophia Romanova (Daeva, Lancea Sanctum x 4)

Territory and Regencies held by the Acolytes

Sedona - While typically lumped in with the Eastern Valley Court, this territory has traditionally been the sole dominon of the Acolytes and they permit its inclusion more out of a desire not to cause a semantic arguement. Set an hour or more outside of the Metro area, it is here that the Acolytes gather for their meetings and rituals, where the local 'new age' flavor helps cover for their activites and ensures their privacy. Regent - Julia Kincaid

Guadalupe - A small (approx. mile by mile) section of the Eastern Valley, this community is a tight knit one consisting mostly of hispanic immigrants and their descendants. The insular nature of such a community has only been increased by repeated incursions of 'hellhounds', homiculi appearing like flying monkeys, and other such supernatural creatures. Frequently refered to as "Phoenix's Hellmouth" the Acolytes took Regency of the area as the only Covenant that was both willing and able to deal with its unusual nature. Regent - Sebastian Belmont

Queen Creek - A well to do suburb of the Valley of the Sun, it has long been watched over and protected by Le Marquis du le Seine who has been its Regent since the area was first settled.

Jerome - A outlying small town that is starting to see an influx of industrial and health care related business. While only recently granted as a Regency for the Acolytes under the care of Collette, it has potential to grow to be a second haven on par with Sedona.

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